Sorry to hound you guys with all my questions, but you seem to be always spot on and steer me in the right direction.

Here is my tarp set up.


Continuous Ridgeline: ~20-25' , using the $10 50' line being sold by a member here

For the next part, I was planning on picking up that 4-pack of lightweight figure 9s. They come with some spare guy line and appear to be nice and lightweight. Good price too!

Tarp Attachment Points: Two prussik knots using the "sheath" of paracord. This seems to grip well from what others have been saying and I've tested it a bit myself - a "mini figure 9" on each.

Fix Tree Attachment: mini figure 9 tied to the end, easy loop around the tree and "bite" onto ridgeline

Adjust End: "plain" end with an extra figure 9 on a prussik. Same way Shug instructs in his video.

The Tarp

I am making a DIY silnylon 8x5, I plan on hanging it asym. It is for backpacking so it will be light and small. In the future I will probably upgrade to something bigger.

Each tab I plan to put a loop of shock cord on to allow the tarp to "give" slightly in the wind and prevent rippage.

Stakes: Bought 4 Titanium stakes from a board member! Great deal.

Let me know what you guys think. Once I have this squared away I should be able to hang.