here's a fun trailer/teaser highlighting, briefly, a new Mod 2QZQ did for me on the TTTG Switchback 1.9 SL.

I wanted something similar to their HH Mod 4 on my Switchback= fully removable bug net, stashed in a peak bag. Donna- Zipper Queen- was very supportive in helping me envision this project. Her expertise and experimental attitude to take the 'challenge' on, along with Darby's 'innovation' blessing, prompted us to develop this modification over a slew of emails and phone calls. What great customer service!

more info and some thoughts when i actually receive the hammock, as I had 2QZQ ship the Switchback "Covertible" to my hmmk buddy Tendertoe in Ohio for a pitstop. He tested it today and had only positives to report both on the Switchback itself, but especially the NEW "Convertible" or "Drop-Top" MOD.

the pics in the video were taken by 2QZQ at the "Pennsylvania Mod Shop".

if you're itching to tweak some gear, have no fear, 2QZQ are here!