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    Then there is also the flip side of the coin. . .

    I do most of my camping in the southeast mountains. Went on a car camping trip late October to James Island County Park (Charleston SC) with my family and another family (rookies). We were ground-dwellers for this trip although I did bring my hammock bliss double . I had a Sierra Designs Mondo 5 for my family set up and a borrowed air mattress for the wife and I to share . Temps had been fairly mild but we did bring the extension cord and a box fan. Turns out that weekend was 98* with night time temps in low 80's. The box fan only circulated warm humid air. Our borrow air mattress had a hole in it. So I got the idea to go get in my hammock. Disappointment set in when I found the wife of our 2nd family already in my hammock. Granted, it was a double, but I wasn't about to start that conversation. Hot humid air inside the tent was alot cooler than the heat I would have gotten from my wife the next morning!

    Next time, bring more hammocks
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    Quilts :P
    i made that mistake years ago when i was a ground camper yet....

    i always take a TQ ... even in the dead of summer .. you never know
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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