Santeetlah is gorgeous. One thing I found interesting when paddle camping there was seeing tents at almost every campsite...after a while I became suspicious in a way and paddled over to some of them to discovery no one was there. Finally found an unoccupied sight and set up for the night. The next day while paddle exploring found more of the campsites 'claimed'. My best guess is that locals from the surrounding area claim a sight early in the season and leave an econo tent there staking claim on it.
It is one of the finger lakes of the south and is worth paddling for the scenic beauty. I'll be curious as to how you find the campsite situation.
Leaving a car at the boat ramp is not needed. You can unload and leave your car across the street at the rangers station to remove some fear of theft.
Good diner in Robbinsville and if no one has done the Joyce Kilmer plan on at least doing the loop hike there-last time I did it there was in January and in 10-14 inches of snow.