Glad to report that all went well on the first hang. I was plenty warm and slept well. The cicadas were deafening for a while, but eventually they put me to sleep. I have a couple of Cooper's hawks that nest in the trees and they woke me up early, but that is a pretty awesome way to wake up.

I guess I didn't realize how lucky I was to have good places to hang in my backyard. I actually have three sets of trees to choose from and am pretty screened from the neighbors.

I needed a knee pillow to get rid of some of the leg hyperextension, but I am ordering a Flexair pillow from JRB and will report back. Got a bit of a stiff neck. Haven't quite figured out how much air to put in my exped pillow. Maybe just need something smaller for the crook of my neck. Wish I could afford a Blackrock down pillow. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. As soon as the weather cools a little more, I will move from the backyard to the piney woods. Can't wait.