Hi everyone. I'm brand new to hammocking...here's how I got into it.

-Surfing on the Kickstarter site two weeks ago. Saw the Kammok. Thought "that would be a fun thing to do in the backyard. And oooh, my birthday is in two weeks!"
-Look on REI and see the ENO hammocks for cheaper.
-Decide that's what I want for my birthday and I tell my husband.
-We go to REI that Friday and I pick out my ENO DN, Slapstraps and two carabiners. Husband buys them.
-My birthday isn't for two weeks, but I'm so excited, I start surfing more about hammocks.
-Find Hammock Forums.
-Find out that SlapStraps are not the way to go but whoopie slings are.
-I'm a crafty person so I'm totally into making my own whoopie slings.
-Order 50' of 7/64" blue Amsteel Blue from Redden Marine the following week. Then order tree straps from AHE a day later. Then order SMC descending rings a day later from whoopieslings.com.
-Amsteel Blue arrives first. Start on my first splice...dang, my paper clip threading idea didn't work.
-Told friend about Amsteel Blue and he puts an order in...I ask him to add 10' orange for me.
-Go to Joanns during lunch the next day to buy yarn needles
-Returned my SlapStraps
-Come home from work and start my splice again...MUCH easier
-Finish one whoopie sling
-Finish second whoopie sling the next day and two soft shackles
-As soon as descending rings came, made my continuous loops using the orange Amsteel Blue as well as two more soft shackles
-Have enough Amsteel Blue left over so decide to make another whoopie sling to use as a ridgeline for the suspension sag

So in one week, I learned how to splice and make: three whoopie slings, 4 soft shackles, two continuous loops.

Now I'm still waiting until my birthday (on Sunday) to open my hammock and install the continuous loops onto my ENO DN and use my hammock in the backyard!

Splicing is addictive (I only have enough left to do one more soft shackle). I want more Amsteel Blue!!!

I can't say if I like hammocking yet b/c that unopened hammock is off limits to me until Sunday. My husband said on Sunday we're going to by bro-in-laws house for a bday bbq...but I said "that cuts into my hammock time! I wanted to relax in my new hammock all day!" At least the bbq isn't until 3pm LOL.