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    Theres always places to hang to test it out, you just have to get creative.

    When I first got my setup I put up two hooks in my apartment, one to a door and one to a window, that way I could test out my whoopie slings and even check out the setup for my tarp.

    Now they are not strong enough to support any weight, but they did hold everything up just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bindibadgi View Post
    Forgive the newbie here please, but I'm not sure I understand the issue. The way that Tom Hennessy does it seems perfectly adequate to me ... // ...What's the rush?
    Well, first of all the OP did not have a HH and therefore doesn't have line to lash ala HH. He had a hammock that required a separate suspension.

    Nothing wrong with the HH lashing system other than minor quibbles with adjustability, weight and convenience. Neither is a huge deal, but you'll find that many here split hairs over these things. It doesn't necessarily mean changing your suspension is the thing to do, but as you get out and hang more, you'll be less overwhelmed by all the other factors and start honing in on what really makes you happy out in the field, on the trail.

    I switched out to whoopies on my HH because I was tired of tying and untying to get it right. Plus, untying the next morning was always a little bit of a pain for me as it would be tight from the hang overnite. I also think whoopies are a lot less bulky when packed than the standard HH rope line. Weight to me is negligible. And with ultra light caribiners, its very convenient to leave it all together when packing up, and modular as well if I need to switch out lengths. Again, its not so much that I rushing to get the right hang, or to rush out in the a.m., just a matter of convenience mostly for me.

    However, what I am mostly hearing now, is the that webbing and cinch buckle suspension adds a degree of simplicity, and therefore convenience, to the overall setup. I do wonder how much bulk it might add, but probably not much, especially with one less caribiner on each end.

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