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    Set up my ENO Doublenest for the first time tonight. :-)

    So I got my ENO DN a few weeks ago and finally got a chance to test it out tonight in my front yard.

    I swapped out the stock suspension for whoopieslings and two CAMP NANO 23 'biners. I also purchased some climbspec (what I can only assume would be nylon) webbing and had it cut to 2 11' straps. I mentioned this in a thread I started in the suspension section of the forum.

    Anyway I took the webbing to a local alterations place to have loops sewn into each end of the straps since I have no sewing machine or access to one. I was a little nervous when I asked her to just do a box pattern stitch and she just tripple stitched the top and bottom portion of the box pattern and then did the X through the middle (nothing on the side edges) It held up with both my wife and I sitting in it chair style (about 280lbs total weight)

    I am a little nervous though with the setup with the new straps I ordered (6' poly straps) as you can see in the pictures the 11' straps are wrapped 1 1/2 - 2 times around the brick pillar and tree about the same amount. That would be the average sized tree in the area. The part I'm worried about is with a 6' strap I would really only maybe be able to get it around from back to front and I'm a little unsure about getting the right amount of pressure on the straps to keep it from sliding down the tree before I get into the hammock. Granted there is about a 1' of strap x 2 still hanging out to clip the 'biner into and I could always just cinch and then use a marlin spike.

    for now I would like to stay with 'biners if possible just for my own piece of mind but if I have to I'll use other ways to strap them around the trees.

    I must say I love it even though there is a huge amount of extra fabric with the DN. I was worried the SN wouldn't have enough room but you can see in one of the pictures my wife who is only 5" shorter than me get's lost in the taco that is this hammock. Super comfortable though, I almost fell asleep just testing it out.

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