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    "Structural Ridge line" why not "Sag-Defining"


    I got interested in the "ridge line" topic. I have read the BIG thread and the patent.

    I don't understand why the term "structural ridge line" is being used to describe Mr. Hennessy's design/concept/patent. The patent refers to a "ridge cord" which sets/defines the "sag" of the hammock. It appears to me that he has patented the idea of using a ridge line to define sag. The structural nature of the ridge line appears to be of little or no consequence in terms of novelty. So, why is the term "structural" being used?

    Also, it appears to me that the patent is quite specific in explaining the ridge cord. The patent clearly states that, ". . . the effective length of the [ridge] cord is shorter than the length of the sheet of material."

    Why was JRB's ridge line a point of controversy. It was longer than the sheet of material.
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