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    Silk: Dupioni or Habotai???

    Well, I know a few people on HF have successfully made a hammock out of habotai silk fabric.....Has anyone made one out of dupioni silk???

    Any fabric guru's out there??

    The only difference that I can tell is that the dupioni silk has 'slubs' that run horizontally across the fabric. I guess that this helps the fabric drape?? more lustrous??

    They are both soft, sheen lustrous, and drape well.

    I wanted to make an indoor home hammock and have a silk sheet to match it. Are there any differences about the two silk fabrics in these applications??

    I have found these definitions

    Dupioni Silk
    A crisp fabric with irregular slubs. It is perfect for tailored slimmer silhouettes like flat-front trousers, jackets and fitted blouses and dresses. Silk Dupioni can be machine washed in the gentle cycle and drip-dried.
    Description: Dupioni silk fabric has a lustrous sheen and characteristic small slubs that run horizontally across the fabric. It falls in soft folds when draped and is the most versatile fabric we carry. Not only do many brides choose dupioni silk fabric for themselves and their bridesmaids, it is also perfect for blouses, jackets, skirts, handbags and dresses. Be creative with beautiful home decor accents (draperies, swags, pillows and duvet covers).

    A soft, lightweight silk fabric, is heavier than China silk.
    Description: This elegantly beautiful silk habotai fabric is ultra soft, has a beautiful drape, lustrous sheen and smooth and silky hand that feels wonderful against the skin. This flowing fabric is perfect for scarfs, linings, shawls, special occasion apparel, blouses and lingerie.
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    An additional questions:

    1. does any one know the weight/sq yard of the silk used?
    2. does silk have any stretch? Say compared to nylon?
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    If I understand correctly the silk fiber has no stretch whatever. Size cross-section it is supposed to be stronger than steel. The stretch for the fabric is going to depend on all the usual indicators. Silk knits will stretch, for hosiery and such. Tightly woven silk will not, except on the bias of course. Silk is a very strong stable lightweight fabric.

    The slubs are mostly decorative I would think. They are a result of the way the fibers are processed in the spinning stage. You might find them annoying on the skin, but never having used that kind of silk for bedding I have no real life experience with it. It could be really gorgeous.
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