So I am putting together my shopping list and plans for a IX UQ. I am going to be using 2 layers, with a 3rd optional layer for colder weather. Hoping the 2 layer will be good for warmer months and throw on that extra IX layer for weather down to maybe 10-20 deg. Below is what I have planned so far. Ideas are based somewhat on this:

Plans so far:
Dimensions: 54" long x 44" wide
Layer 1: 48" 4 x 1" pleats/darts = 44"
Layer 2: 46" 2 x 1" pleats/darts = 44"
Layer 3: 44" no pleats = 44" with grossgrain loops and velcro dots. (Optional)

Materials List:
4 yards insultex
2 yards shell (Prolly gonna use M90)
20ft 1.5" gross grain
24ft 1/8th shock cord
4 cordlocks
2 mitten hooks

Couple questions...

1) Can I use mitten hooks to connect the shock cord ends to the hammock line? Or should I use some small sbiners? What is lightest/easiest/best here? This will be my first UQ, so need some guidance here.

2) I know the MollyMac's have a space blanket type layer mixed in. Should I get one of those $5 space blankets at REI and cut it down to these dimensions and add it in as one of the layers? I figure it will add about an ounce. If so, where in the layers should it go? And should the reflective side be pointed up?

3) Does my darting plan look ok? Do I need more? Do I need them on the sides as well?