Hey guys I was doing some hangin in the BWCA in June and learned that I really needed some padding under my sleeping bag because I froze! Luckily I used some life jackets as a temporary solution to the "under quilt" situation.

Though onto my quick question, I noticed an article in backpacker magazine about a testing some therm-a-rest sleeping mats. An I've read that they would also work for some cool air protection at night.

I checked out there facebook page and they have a photo contest going on for the top ten photos gets a sleep system by 8/15/11.

My question is basically if you fine people here would mind voting for my photo to aid me in completing my quest to get a good hangin setup.

Your help would be GREATLY! appreciated.

The link will bring you to Therm-A-Rest's facebook voting page.
http://bit.ly/q0AVd3 - An I have the Red Hammock picture in the BWCA on Birch Lake. (Ryan)