hello all i am a verry new hanger and only camped twice in my new skeeter beater pro. its been way more cumphy than a tent and mat, pluss much lighter and quicker to put up. there are alot of questions that ive had answered by either checking out this site or messing around youtube. but i have one question i live about 50 miles south of st. louis and am having a hard time finding places to camp/hike that are decent. i envy yall close to the george or the mountains. but if there is anyone close to where i live and know of a good place that wont break the bank im all ears. also always on the look out for hiking/camping groups to go with since all of my family/friends are non outdoors type except for a cousin lol. anyway i sopose that is about it hope to hear from yall soon thanks again.


AKA Big Turtle