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    Blackbird, fly and UQ arrived.

    My Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1Dbl Hammock, Camo Superfly and 3-season Under Quilt turned up in the post yesterday.

    Setup for the 2nd time this morning, Plan to camp out in my backyard tonight. Leaving for a 4 days solo hike next week followed by the Bushwalkers Pilgrimage at the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, run by the Sunshine Coast Bushwalkers Club.

    Was surprised to see how small the packaging was, Upon opening of the package I found the UQ packed loose inside the packaging, that's a good idea Brandon, as the UQ would have spent 4 weeks in transit compressed into the small sack supplied. Very happy with the entire setup. Light, Comfortable and easy quick setup. Did I mention Comfy?

    Total weight of Hammock, fly, rope and Under Quilt is apx 1.6kg
    All of this will be replacing on my solo hikes, Tent 3.6kg and Downmat 1.2kg.

    The whole setup is very compact when packed away.

    Found it all very simple and quick to erect. The order I placed for the whoopie slings etc, also turned up in the post. The whoopee slings are great. Not one knot needed to be tied.
    The prussic knots have no problems holding the tension on the Superfly. What does concern me are the s-biners used to connect the fly to the prussic on the tarp ridge line. according to what's printed on the packaging, Maximum they can hold is 2.2kg. Are they strong enough?. So far there holding just fine, Don't know if I can trust those S-biners on a hike.
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