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    What to do with 1.1 ripstop

    Hey all. Long time troll, maybe the last year or so, but recently getting back into the idea again.

    So, I recently went to the local Wally and wasnt expectin much, but the Lord was with me that day, and they had 20 yards of grey and this dark forrest green of Nylon, and a very small amount of a heavier one, all rip stop.

    Bought the 20 yards, and then when I got home, upon further testing/suspect, I think it is 1.1, and not 1.9. Not really sure to test this, I guess I could weight it, ive got a small scale, what size should I weight and what should it be?

    Also, what do I do with this stuff now, I can return it, but I have seen the Zhammock and that looks promising. I havent found what the strength of it, but I did read at one site that he was using 1.1 single layered to make one.

    As this would be my first experience with sewing as well, any tips? Or, any other projects I could do with this stuff to learn until I do find some silnylon/1.9?

    Thanks guys. Been trollin so long cause, well there really is that much stuff here to read, and its so comprehensive

    Oh, might be helpful, I am quite small according to people. I think I am huge, ripplin muscules, just comparatively, I may be smaller....

    I am about 5'8 and my race weight - Normal weight is about 130-150
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