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    First Impressions: Exped Ergo Hammock Combi

    I received a package from Chet Cisek, Expeds midwestern states sales rep.
    It had there new Ergo Hammock Combi in the box.
    I've done business with Exped since 2003 and have spent many night using there
    Scout hammock and Scout Hammock Combi over the years.
    I'm a four season hanger and always been very happy with there gear.

    Yesterday I had a chance to look at it and set it up. I know they have been working on this project for a number of years.
    You can see the large amount of Swiss engineering that has gone in to the total desighn.
    The detail of how it all works and comes together is truly impressive piece of engineering.

    It's a total package, tarp 1lb 8 oz, hammock 1lb 13oz, suspension 7 oz and stuff sack 1 oz= 3 lbs 14 oz.
    That includes 6 xtra long reflective 2mm dyneema tarp lines and tension locks for the tarp with minibiners.

    The hammock can be hung between trees as close as 7 ft or as far as 15 ft plus.
    The side suspension lines have snake skins and carbineers to attche to tree line suspension.
    They have a rubber gasket on the carabineers to prevent water from running down side lines.
    You lay asymmetric to the tree atachments points for easy in, easy out.
    The no-se'em netting can be zipped away and stored in a bag attached to the hammock.
    There is two gear pouches in the hammock and a little biner to hang a light from the netting suspension.
    It has a double bottom for a pad up to 26" x 74", works best with pad. Elimintes need for under quilt.
    It is truly a flat lay with no shoulder pressure or side lay only sleeping hammock.
    It is a very easy in and out once one knows how. Very nice for just setting.
    It's very stable, one feels very secure and no fear of tipping out.
    The tarp is a master piece as far as design, detail, numerous adjustment points it has to set up in any number of configuerations to allow complete protection from the weather for cooking. There is even room for a friend to vist.

    What I find for myself as short comings is that I like to shift postion in a hammock and with this one is pretty much flat in the middle.
    I also like to to use the Peapod method for insulation.
    I have slept out at -25 with good luck. It wouldn't work with this system.
    Being 6 ft 1 in I wish it was at least 8 inchs longer. As much of what they make it is more towards a europeing size then a USA. I think anyone taller then 5" 9" may find it on the short size for length. But then again maybe before they go into large producation they will add length to the hammock ?

    All and all I think it's a very well made product. If you like a good flat stable sleeping postion with easy in and out.
    With a sugested retail of $ 340.00USD for a total package (hammock,tarp and suspension) this may be worth checking out.
    It will be avaible March of 2012.

    I should have in depth video in one to two weeks.

    Have this short video now on youtube, I have a slow upload time where I live so please excuse the low reseloution.

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