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    Hammock Forum Stuff. Cafe Press Store.

    Ok, got the ok to share this with the masses.

    Come one, come all to the grand opening of the Hammock Forums Gift Shop.

    Want a HF T-shirt? Got it.
    Need a gift for that niece? Buy a bear wearing a HF T-shirt.
    Want to decorate your office? Buy the HF Clock.
    Have that friend that you want to make laugh at the next gathering? Buy them a HF Thong! (No pictures please)

    Right now what you see is what you can buy, once we get enough to upgrade to a premium shop, we will be able to offer more designs per shirt, right now we are limited to one. Anything gained over the cost of a premium shop will be donated to hammock forums. It will also be used to purchase prizes that will be given away at the gatherings.

    Custom orders can be placed at no addional cost to you, I will have a special site that I will give you once the item is ready for viewing. Just send me a picture you want, and I can do it for you.
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