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    Tie-out testing leads to Lineloc 3 failure

    Howdy folks.

    I have been doing some testing on some Cuben tie-out assemblies recently.

    Hanging weights from a polyester grosgrain loop built into a 90 degree corner.

    When I reached the 100# mark, this LINELOC 3 broke on me.

    To be fair, the grosgrain was pulling towards 1 corner of the Locline 3.

    The way that the cord was pulling, and the way the loop was constructed caused the grosgrain to bunch up on 1 end.

    I built a new setup and made sure that everything stayed nice and square.

    This time it held 100# without breaking.
    However, there was a large amount of flex in the plastic, and it looked to be near failure.

    I was using standard 550 paracord for testing. It began to slip through the cleat at about 60# of pull. This required a half hitch to keep it from slipping further.

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    Considering the cost of a cuben tarp, or any tarp for that matter, vs. the cost of tie outs;
    which one would you want to break first, the tarp or the suspension.

    Obviously, the suspension - save the tarp. So, I think what you found here is a good thing! Thanks for posting this.
    "Life is a Project!"

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