Ok guys, its official. September 30-2, santee state park. Bring your kids, kayak and hammock. Take a swim in lake marion, paddle to the cyprus swamp, cook fireside and have fresh running water. Fishing permits are $10 annually for locals, $11 for a week for out of state. Pics and videos to come, still out here!

Also, just to tease, the location is 10 yards from the beach and a boat ramp is very close.

Signup Sheet Link

Santee State Park (http://www.southcarolinaparks.com/pa...-park/535.aspx)
We are at the Group Camping Area (http://www.southcarolinaparks.com/co.../MapSantee.pdf)
September 30 - October 2. Ill be getting there early Friday morning.

IMPORTANT!!! I have reserved a site for all 3 days with the little bit of cash I had. At this point, 10 people are paid for (8, minus myself and a friend) via the reservation. If we go over that, its like, $2-3 a person/day ($32.61 per 10 people for the 3 days.)

It would be a great help if people who are coming could help me out with $5/person to cover the site for all 3 days. $5 will cover 1 person for all 3 days. im not requiring it, but it would help cover the site already secured and getting another site. my paypal is dmk_132003@hotmail.com, and if you would please send as a gift. once i come up with enough to get more sites ill do that (i wish i had enough to rent the entire area. would be almost 200 i think)

IF youre coming for sure, please let me know here and via PM so I can make sure everyone is good and has a "spot" I would appreciate anyone that can donate to cover campsite fees. Id like to reserve one more "site" to make sure we have a lot of options. After 8 commit to come, then we can move on with figuring out the rest which will require $5/person for the 3 days. We will be in the Boy Scout primitive area. The rangers there said there shouldnt be an issue with us spreading out, since we usually are where tents arent anyway.

So heres some interesting points:

* Right around the corner from the Sinkhole Pond hiking trail (real and very deep sinkholes
* Pets and Kids welcome
* Restrooms on site (real ones, not port-a-potties)
* Beach within site on Lake Marion
* Boat landing within site, as well as parking
* Tap water and fire rings on site, as well as picnic tables
* Fishing licenses are available on site, from the Tackle shop. $10 for Local for a year, $11 for out of state for a week. Striped bass in the lake!
* Boat tours of the cypress swamps
* Playgrounds in the park
* Onsite tackle shop, with a nice little sitting area (in the main park area)
Videos and pics to follow.