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    ANybody using Spectra fishing line for tieouts ??

    Looked at some the other day.
    Think is was 80 or 100# test bright yellow.

    Would also like to use it for a ridge line for tarp and maybe Hammock.

    What weight do I need ??


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    I've used 100 lb. spectra ($5 on ebay) for tarp guy lines. It's ultra-light, if that's what you want. I sleeved the ends with dacron so I could tie bowlines to my tarp tieout bungee loops. I used slippery tautline hitches at the stake ends. The tails of my lines had small pieces of 3.32" bungee attached to tie up the excess line in figure-8 bundles. This system worked, but required some care to avoid tangles. If I stuck to the system, it worked well. I wouldn't suggest this line for ridge lines.

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