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    Suspending a tarp for a noob

    Complete noob here.

    I just picked up a JRB 11x10 used tarp.

    It did not come with any ropes or ridgelines.

    What I do need to order, to tie this thing up/down? I think i've found enough videos on how to tie it down (truckers hitch, prusik knot, etc..), but how much rope and what kind do I actually need?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    webbing and rings
    30 feet for ridgeline
    10 feet for each corner tieout

    Some people go shorter than 10 feet for the corners. I'd rather have and not want, than want and not have.

    You can use just about any type of cordage - mason line, Zing-It, Dynaglide, Amsteel, paracord, any diameter of Sterling "accessory" cordage.

    Each has it's pros and cons.

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    I like the Z-Packs line if you are tying knots. It is visible with minimal light and holds knots very well. It was relatively easy for me to work with in temps just below 30* this spring. (I like my Dutch hooks and flyz better, so the line got replaced.)
    Since I use Dutch hooks and flies, I went with some 1/16" line from AHE. (I seem to order a lot of stuff from there. Maybe I should block that site...) This stuff isn't as visible in low light but holds up better in the hardware.

    As far as amount I like a 25-30' CRL with between 5-8' of guy lines for each tie out.

    I would also recommend some shock cord for the ends if you choose to fold the them in like doors. Shock cord would make your entrance and exit a little easier.
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