I'm requesting some help from you fine folks in the area that might know more about this neck of the woods than I do. Coming up on September 10 I'm participating in a 10K obstacle course to support the National MS Society Twin Cities chapter. here are more details. My husband and I would like to head up that way the day before the race and hang our hammocks at a campground or park or something equally appropriate for hammock camping. So, I thought I would ask here to see if anyone knows of a campground, park, etc. that I could look into. We live about 3 hours away from Dresser and we don't want to drive up there the morning of the race. My husband's sister lives a little closer and offered for us to stay at her place since she is also running the race but if we could get within an hour of our final destination that would be ideal.

Also, I hope this is ok but I would like to just let you know that the team I am participating on (The Neurotic Nurses) is 3rd right now in the top 10 fundraising teams. If anyone is feeling generous please support us here. My team is The Neurotic Nurses and I'm Laura Gulso.

To see more about what the Mud Run is check out You Tube. Here is one person's helmet cam video from last year. I apologize if the audio is annoying...I do not have working speakers on my computer at the moment. I ran the race last year and honestly can't believe I'm crazy enough to do it again. I summed it up as being like the entire 8 weeks of Basic Training crammed into about 2.5 hours.

Thanks in advance for any information anyone has about locations to hang/camp a little closer to the event grounds. I hope someone can guide me in a direction that will be helpful.