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sorry to be indecisive (i hate when people are that way w/ me), but i'm keeping an eye on a cold that's wanting to move in on me now. i'll see how it goes by this eve or tomorrow.
also i have a friend who's going to let me know if he can go to linville gorge.
where did you have in mind in uwarrie? the only place i've been down there is morrow mt state park.
were you thinking about 1 or 2 nights.
No problem...my trips are often spur-of-the-moment anyway

I've never actually been to Morrow Mtn. I usually go somewhere on the Uwharrie trail. It runs north-south through the NF, three parking areas, plenty of water, plenty of 'established' campsites, easy hiking, and LOTS and LOTS of places to hang.

Just let me know. I may go down there regardless, but I haven't decided yet.