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    couple questions

    ok so i order'd this one from
    so that brings me to my first question. i really wished i would have read the reviews on that site before ordering, doesn't look good, has anyone else done business with them?
    ok now skipping on ahead
    lets say the hammock and the stand does arrive,
    after creeping around the forums a bit i have seen that a stand isn't the best way of going about things, however this is the only option i have at the moment due to space concerns (due to a bedroom music studio i don't have a viable place to hang the hammock that would actually allow me to sleep in it and i have juuuuust enough space to fit the hammock with the stand in there even if its extended to its maximum) will i still be able to comfortably sleep in it some way? what would be the optimal stand spacing/distance for comfort? I'm really looking forward to becoming a hanger and will be extremely disappointed if i won't be able to enjoy it until i move
    and lastly, lets say it doesn't arrive, ever, or some catastrophe like that, what would be a good hammock that meets the above criteria
    incase it matters I'm 5.11 and
    thanks all much appreciated, hope this works out and i can enjoy your company as a fellow hanger. (or hangar, put some aircraft in me I'm ready!)

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    well i have not bought anything from them before so I cant speak to that and im not sure about you other problem you say you CAN squeeze in the stand at full extension? if so then i don't understand why you wouldn't be able to sleep in it you might need to do some fiddling with it to find the right comfy spot with regards to stand extension and sag but you'll have to do that with any rig as for other hammocks i think any of them would be possible options warbonnet, hennesy, ENO, Grand Trunk or even just going to JoAnns or hobby lobby and getting like 10 yards of fabric since it sounds like you want it for around the house not camping you could use almost any decently strong fabric that wont stretch to much hope this helps some and goodluck

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    With a spacing of nearly 15 feet between hanging points, you can easily hang any of the camping hammocks frequently discussed here. Usuaky trees 12-15 feet apart are recommended.
    A very good inexpensive indoor hammock would be a Grand Trunk Ultra light under $20 from Amazon. Can also be used for outdoor use with a bug net added.

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