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    All very good advice you're getting. I can tell you that the first few night in a hammock were not my best sleeps. It takes time, tinkering and patience but the end result is so very worth it.
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    Night # 2 was complete misery for a couple hours before I got so pissed about not being able to sleep that I ditched the hammock for my real bed. Very much looking forward to the WBBB to arrive so I can head for the woods and use real trees. I'm going to give it a whirl again tonight. I tried a thin closed-cell foam pad doubled over, and that didn't work at all. Still felt like a steel bar was behind it after several minutes. I guess I'm going to have to try some sort of puffier padding. I really hope to find a solution that does not involve toting extras. And depending how light you pack, you really may not have any extras available. And it's not just the dreaded "calf pain" that's bothering me. The hyperextension drives me crazy as well. Not only does that cause knee pain, but it also makes my heel feel hot, because the leg has very little support and more than a typical amount of weight is exerted on the heel. I tried frogging the leg out, but yet another crease would find its way into the outer part of my ankle and drive me nuts. The comfort of my upper body is super...but that of my lower body stinks so far. Thanks for the input, everyone) Back to experimenting this weekend. By the way, today I became curious about the JRB Bridge Hammock. But who knows, maybe the WBBB and some fine-tuning of the ridgeline, head lower than foot, etc will make my problems vanish. Hoping for the best!!

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    I started using a clip on masons level first thing because the ground I pitch on is always unlevel and usually falling in 2 directions with crooked trees to choose from. It saves time and shows me as way wrong on occasions. My first hang was not level and my body and mind were convinced that this new way of sleeping was a stupid idea and made it as miserible as possible, very little sleep and neckache, very disappointing.
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