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    No-sew DIY pole mod (you know you want one)

    I had an old tent that donated some hardware to my DIY tarp project. I found these little aluminum thingies that held the poles at each corner of my old dome tent could be slipped into a small split ring and then the split ring could be attached to the grosgrain tie outs in the center of my tarp, eliminating the need to sew pockets altogether. Using split rings, this mod is also completely removable too. You just put the thingies on the tarp and then into the end of the pole and voila! you have a pole mod...I think someone could sell this as a no-sew removable pole mod for lazy DIYers. Too bad I discovered this after I had sewn some pole pockets on my tarp (which I don't use now). This system should be pretty strong as it uses your tie outs as the mounting point, which is where your tarp wants to be pulled on. They weigh 4 grams each. Check it out:

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