We've all seen Rip's mod. It is cool, and I'm guessing that all the cool kids will be sending their SBs and LHs to ZipperQueen ASAP to get the RW mod. I went a different route for two reasons:

  • Dale put these babies on sale - THANKS DALE!
  • I wasn't sure I'd get my LH back before my Eagle Rock Loop hike next month. It will still be buggy up there, so I'll want a netted hammock.

Anyway, I ordered this thing last week, got a mail notification day before yesterday, and got the hammock today. It came in one of those little USPS priority mail boxes - the thin ones - and I thought Dale was sending me a set of straps or something. The thing packs tiny.

I worked eight hours, followed by an hour and a half at the gym, and got home to find the box laying on the coffee table. Not a peep from the boss. I took a quick shower, then attached the whoopies I made over the weekend to the hammock and hung that baby for a quick test drive.

I didn't hang it tight enough at first, and it wasn't comfortable (or as comfortable as I'm used to in a SB). I got out and tightened up the whoopies a bit. Got back in, and it wasn't comfortable... huh... So I took stock of my position in the hammock. Idiot. I was WAY UP in the "head end of the hammock - not centered on the hammock body. Once centered, I encountered that SwitchBack bliss. A smile and a nod. All was well.


  • This is my first single layer hammock. I'm right at 200 pounds right now, and it was extremely comfortable. No stretch. The only difference from my 1.1 dbl SB or LH is that the inner layer in those is taffeta and is smoother on the skin.
  • Comfort is equal to either the 1.1 dbl SB or the LH. I was tired and I could have gone to sleep if the boss hadn't called me to dinner.
  • Comes with all the SB features except the zippers and nets. 4 pull outs (2 come rigged with shock cord). D rings in each end to attach stuff sacks or pillows. No SRL - not needed (yeah, nothing to hang stuff from...)
  • Weight. What weight?
  • Packed size is about half of my LH. Dale sent a full sized bishop bag. I could pack the hammock and a tarp in it together.
  • Remember that suspension is separate now. I have tons of Amsteel from the group buy. If you don't make whoopies, be sure to order a set when you order from Dale.
  • This will become my go to backyard, day hike, and late fall, winter, early spring hammock. Nets will come out when it's bug season.
  • I'd like to see someone make a mod to add side bags/saddle bags for storage. This is for all SBs/LHs. Something that would be detachable. I've got some ideas, but I'm an idea man. I need a technician to do the actual work.

Oh... The boss got the mail. The boss took the pictures. The boss didn't realize I got a new hammock until I left the opened USPS box in the bedroom. I got myself in trouble. Could have gotten away scott free... Guys, tell the boss or hide your tracks better. Learn from me.