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    Just for a reminder: Test Your equipment!

    I was just testing my MLD TrailStar + Bear Paw Wilderness design Pyra net 2. (I post some pics to my old MLD TrailStar thread at some point even if it is not a hammock set up)

    We have had a 24 h constant rain here in Finland. And TrailStar leaks. I did the seam sealing during winter, so it was not under tension when I did sealing.

    Now TrailStar was stretched up about two days and after that came the rain.

    Leaking is not very bad, it almost dried during rain (center pole is at 145 cm 57 inch and there is plenty of air movement. Normal setting is 100-120 cm 39-47 inch).

    Peak of the TrailStar has got many seams, there are the problems. For example those seams that keep the Dyneema patch on its place. Only one of those long seams has leaked.

    The lesson is: Test Your equipment when weather is good for it!

    It would have not been possible to shower the TrailStar full 24 h and that was the shower time it needed to show the leakage.

    Now some more Seam sealant and this time I do both sides when the TrailStar is under tension.

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    Yes, that's good to point out, that tarps should be seam sealed & allowed to cure while under tension.
    Of course, it's sometimes hard to do when it's winter & you're pressed for space.
    Glad it wasn't any worse than it was & you knew the cause & how to fix it.
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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