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    Northville Placid Backpacking with Cuben Tarp

    Russ and I just got back from 6 days on the Northville Placid Trail. What can you say about the Adirondacks?? Well, if it ain't raining...just wait! The new Cuben Fiber tarps we bought from Adam at Hammock Gear (Shout Out!!) were outstandingly and lovingly made. They marry the idea of having to put a tarp out over your hammock and sleep under the stars. You get both with the translucency of the tarps.

    The dreaded bridge that was out for a long time was put in one day before we got there. Russ and I personally thanked the trail crew for all their hard work. The NPT is really wet and gaiters are required as well as a positive attitude. The trail is a work in progress because it is constantly being moved to accomodate beaver dams. We tried to get to lean-tos to have a dry place to eat, but stayed in our hammocks!!!

    The last night was a little scary because we were not happy with our bear bagging effort and decided to "take a chance." Tucked into our hammocks the noises began....coyotes, loons, large splashing in the ponds (fish we hoped but could have been moose!) Russ started whispering to me, "Did you hear that?" I said WHY ARE YOU WHISPERING!!!! LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE HERE!!! Russ got up and got our whistles (singing Hi Ho, Hi the bears) and after returning, we slowly drifted to sleep.

    Shug is does not get better than when you are in the piney woods.
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