jpkeo, I just read your trip around Pharaoh Lake.. can you please elaborate a little on this sentence

"I was leary about leaving my car on the road for 4 days and so elected to use the Campground parking. It was $6/day"

Price is not a factor if i can get a more secured camping spot.. secure how ? the car parking is right at the center/main entrance of the pharaoh park ?

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You will likely have to drive an hour or so past Plattsburgh to find a good location. "Big Loops" are hard to come by, but some in the 40-50km range are easily found. All of which provide numerous spur trails to add distance and to see desirable locations. I was just telling someone about a loop I was looking at which is just under 50km. I have hiked most of the trails on the loop before, but never in one piece. This loop also provides for some mountain climbs as well (unmarked trails though) and one can take other marked side trails too. The trailhead is approx here: 44.191867,-74.265275

Do you have access to trail maps in the adks? I can give you better suggestions with something for you to look at. Or I can email you some screenshots of trail maps.
First, I don't have access to Adks maps beside what can be found on the internet for today.. i'll go check out what Mountain Coop Equipment have in stock for adks maps.

Also, I just checked the distance between Pharaoh Lake and its an easy 2hr 40 min drive from Montreal .. its in the range of distance i thought we would have to go at the beggining

We are zero, my brother and I, in regards to Mountain climbing but its still good info. If we end up going around in circle, its all good, as long as I don't go for 50km to the north, and came back south on the same 50km on the way back on the same exact trail

Im really open to 50km-ish LOOP suggestion