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    Pharaoh Lake is my favorite location to date for backpacking. I recommend it highly (I've never been to any other locations in the area, but I'm sure you can't go wrong).

    Pharaoh Lake in particular, the views are breathtaking, the hikes can be as strenuous or short and strolling as you like, no bear canister needed.

    Using the map at the bottom of the page below -

    I've come in from the northwest via Crane Pond Road. That was quite a hike - pretty technical and near 7 miles. That was a bit of a beast after a 10 hour car ride.

    The last time I went out there, about a month ago, we came in from Beaver Pond Road and Pharaoh Lake Road in the southwest. Much easier of a hike - relatively flat and less than 4 miles.

    We base camped around Pharaoh Lake for the week and did dayhikes around the lake and up to Pharaoh Mountain.

    You can't go wrong with any area in ADK, but Pharaoh Lake is a special place.
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