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    Question okeechobee Hang Sites and rules

    Planning overnight bike/hang around Okeechobee in January. Plan to start at Okeechobee and ride the trail around. I am looking for anyone from that area with infromation on Hang sites about mile 50 +/-. That would be the south end of the lake. Any good parks along the bike trail and do they allow Hanging?? Are there any good sites for stealth in that area.

    Lastly, How high to hang such that I am not a gator food bag??

    Thanks for any infromation.

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    I can't speak as to the trail down that way; I've never been on it.

    However, I can say that Florida state parks don't allow hanging at all. As to the status of various stops along the way, it's probably best to call ahead and ask.

    For the gators, don't worry. As long as you're not getting water at dawn or dusk (during the twilight), when the gators could mistake your hunched over form for a deer or some such, they won't bother you. They hunt smaller game, and humans are big enough and dangerous enough that gators don't bother us. Do, however, hang your food per normal bear bagging guidelines. Bears (and other critters) will be attracted to that.

    Have fun and let us know how the trip went!

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