Calling All Sydney and surrounds based Hangers!!!

After an enjoyable overnight hang last weekend down at Marramarra Creek, its time to get planning for the next outing. One with a bit more hiking and more of a wilderness feel.

Mobbs Swamp is a great bush campsite with a water source up in the Megalong Valley area of the Blue Mountains National Park, popular with hangers and ground dwellers alike. You can find some reports and images from previous missions on the forums here, here, and here.

Theres a number of ways in to the campsite, and of course youre welcome to meet us there by any of the other routes if the following isnt to your liking or doesnt fit with your schedule.

So, the plan is to rendezvous at Dunphys Campsite (aka Carlons Farm and Green Gully) at the end of Megalong Road between 9:30am and 10:00am on Saturday, 17 September.

From Dunphys, well take the Carlons Creek and Blackhorse Ridge Track to Mobbs Swamp, aiming to get to the campsite at lunchtime after a 7km hike. Note that the part of the track down the creek is infested with stinging nettles, so long pants are advised (dont say you werent warned!).

After lunch at Mobbs, well leave the bulk of our gear (and kiwigrrl) there, and take a wander up Mt Merrimerrigal and Mt Dingo to the lookout point at Splendour Rock before returning to Mobbs for the evening and overnight about 5km the round trip.

After a night of comfort swaying in the breeze , if youre in need of an early return to civilization you can walk out the way we came in back to Dunphys via Blackhorse Ridge. For the more intrepid, well take the Blue Dog Ridge out to Knights Deck, and descend the Blue Dog Spur to Coxs River and its confluence with Breakfast Creek (I just wanted a chance to use the word confluence in a sentence).

From there well ascend the Ironmonger Spur to Ironmonger Hill. At the top theres an option to leave the packs and take a 3.5km return side trip out over Tinpot Hill to the Goolara Peak lookout. From Ironmonger Hill the track continues over Ironpot Mountain and back to Dunphys Camp. All up from Mobbs Swamp back to Dunphys about 17km, or 13.5km if you skip the side trip to Goolara Peak. So youll need to bring lunch for the Sunday if you want to take this option. Or you can wait till you get back to the fish n chip shop in Blackheath

If you want me to send you some more route info by email, please PM me. Otherwise reply to the forums if youre keen to come along or have questions. If you're in need of transport, please post here to see if someone can give you a lift.

Note that this is a wilderness area, and everyone coming along needs to make the appropriate preparations and follow appropriate procedures to ensure their own safety.