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    definitely wish I had considered this before doing a DIY...

    guess it's a reason to make another one though!
    how do you get the forest ready for the party? spruce it up!

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    I don't care what color clothing I'm warring it's me that attracts those bloody things! One word "Thermacell"!!!

    "adapt, improvise, overcome" Clint Eastwood - Heart brake ridge

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    A simple and effective solution to mosquitos on the hammock and tarp is permethrin. I've used this ( on my clothes and tent (walls and screens) and can say it works great!

    And here is a great review from the same REI site:

    After a bug infested backpacking trip to Banff I got serious prior to a trip to Yosemite and treated my clothes and my tent with Sawyers. This is great stuff. The mosquitoes just stayed away. During the Banff trip the mosquitoes would come into the tent in clouds every time we zipped down a flap. At Yosemite, they stayed away. The other tent in our group wasn't treated and it stayed covered with mosquitoes. If you are going to be in serious mosquito country you need to get serious with Sawyers permithrin clothing treatment.

    Mosquitos don't seem to be much of a problem where I camp this year but I will definitely be treating my WBBB next spring, top and bottom! Tarp too! At least that way they have a longer distance to travel to get to me!

    When applying this stuff use rubber gloves as the pump leaks. I would also highly recommend treating your clothing and gear outside. Lastly, an REI employee suggested that for clothes, it's best to treat, let dry and then iron the clothes. Repeat twice. I won't be doing that with the hammock... Just treating it once or twice. Apparently the heat from the iron sets the permethrin in the fibers and makes it last longer.


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