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    Panda posted by BF: cheaper, but heavier (4.6 lbs. )
    Heeter Hybrid from dp: 18 oz, cottage industry

    I'd like to see a good comparative review of both.

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    dp gear .com
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    Attached Under Quilts


    WV ''THANK YOU'' for sharing the weight difference with the Panda Hammock/Under Quilt that BF mentions and the dp Heeter Hybrid Hammock.

    For some, weight isn't a concern, but for any hiker who puts in the miles, weight will be on their mind, I'm sure.

    I"m sure one will Always be able to find a less expensive similar product. But when one compares Features and Benefits the trade offs become apparent.

    Two items I noticed with my assessment of the Panda ... Most glaring was it is packed with mostly cotton. And we ALL know wet cotton can kill us with hypothermia.

    Next I noticed in Panda's ad, the under quilt end wasn't snugged against the hammock. Hello cold air?

    dp gear isn't perfect, but please remember our focus ...
    1) Reliable 2) Light weight 3) Low cost
    And in that order is our sub focus.

    FYI: Forum Members: PLEASE be sure to ask for your forum discount from now to the end of next month, September.

    If you do not mention, Hammock Forums Discount Please, we cannot allow the 10% off because many of our orders are not from the Forum.

    Thank you for your interest in

    We are nearing our first anniversary and we promise to be around a LONG time.

    dp Dave

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    Just placed my order for one of the bug nets. I am trying to put together the rest of my UL hammock system for long hikes. The bug net looks like is should work well. I also ordered one of the UQ's. I need one for my "home" hammock this winter, since I keep the house kinda cool and it should work for car camping and warm weather camping too.
    I will let everyone know how the net and the UQ work for me.

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