Earlier this summer i got an ENO double nest as a wedding party gift (super cool gift!) and learned that ppl backpack with them. Then learned about diy stuff on jeffs page which pointed here! Now im hooked.

I just finished my first trip backpacking in my dn a week ago, and thought i should finally start posting since ive gleaned so much info from this forum already

My current setup:
Diy tree huggers
Diy whoopies (7/64)
Diy Adjustable (short whoopie loop) Structural ridge line connected with opie style soft shackles to the locked brummel of the woopie slings. (yes i really enjoy splicing)

Diy bug net (thanks to the instructions and materials from slittle/diy gear supply)

Sadly, a leaky old rain fly from a garage sale tent that i had laying around, with way to short lash-it guy lines... Probably weighs a few pounds

Oh yeah, and my ENO double nest