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    Whoopies or Straps
    Many make a continuous loop of amteel and feed that through the end channels and larkshead it to replace the stock rope. Then they can attach carabiners, or Dutch biners or what have you the continuous loop to connect them to their whoppie slings. This is really about weight and bulk and since your set up works for you, no need to change anything. Just saying down the road you may look into it if your needs change.
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    The ENO single is great for a nap, but for overnight a double size hammmock is alot more comfortable for at 6'3" and 230 lbs.

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    I think the Eno Single is larger in all dimensions than my DD Traveler which I love dearly. Don't really know what other hammock owners think of the DD, and while I'm open to opinions regarding that sort of thing, in the end it won't affect my enjoyment and appreciation of the DD.

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    Sounds like a good hang to me!

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    Depends on how much it takes to have a diagonal lay, size dimensions and weight distribution make all the difference. I have a double and a single, and I sleep in one of them nightly. I find that the single, I can get the diagonal lay but for some reason I always wake up in a straight line and a curve in my back. The double I usually end up staying put :-)

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