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    Thanks guys. You are all seriously the best when it comes to this stuff. I really appreciate the advice. I am loving the DIY scene and the purchasing of this sewing machine, despite its slight bruising to my masculinity, was a great move.

    I am getting nervous that I'll run out of DIY projects! When I am not doing law school stuff, hitting the gym, or hanging out with my gf, it seems like my remaining time is spent doing this type of stuff. It truly is enjoyable!

    Whether or not I do this zipper thing depends on how I want my floor to be set up. I was thinking about making the floor removable by allowing the no-see-um to attach to it via velcro. This would allow for some adjustments, such as lowering and lifting the sides for ventilation. am just unsure of the quality of the "bug seal".

    I am going off this design.
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