Since I decided one week ago to transition to a Hammock...I was interested in comparing my equipment weights....ENO Singlenest Hammock setup versus MSR Hubba Solo Tent (with no bug net or nest in either).

1st usage: Fall camping in North Cascades this Sep. 6.

Tent weight includes my ground pad to compare with the Hammocks underquilt...thought that was fair.

MSR Hubba Solo total weight 62.10 ounces (3.88 lbs).
- footprint 4.55 oz
- Fly (w/rope) 18.1 oz
- poles no bag 12.2 oz.
- MSR bag 1.35 oz
- 7 msr needle stakes w/bag 2.9 oz

- Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pad - 23 oz.

Hammock ENO SingleNest Total 55.35 (3.46 lbs)
- ENO Singlenest Hammock w/whoopie Sling 13.5 oz.
- Strapworks Polyestor (2 x 6') 5.5 oz.
- ENO ProFly Rain Tarp for Hammock 20 oz.
- MSR pencil stakes 0.35 oz.

- IX Underquilt (guess at max weight ) 16 oz.

The hammock weight will be reduced a further 7 ounces when I replace the bargain ProFly Tarp ($35) with a larger square Silnet tarp.

I am happy.