I started a new thread as the Hurricane thread veered in a different direction.

Assuming all goes well I will be hanging and sailing/paddling across Maine this time next year. If another similar storm hits I will probably have a radio and get some warning. OTOH most of the time I will be too far from a motel to use that option.

Right now I'm thinking a sheltered grove of trees checked for widowmakers. I want something to break the wind before it gets to me. Less chance of a blow over making it to the ground in a grove.

I'll probably pitch my tarp low on the weather side and maybe porch mode on the lee. Probably a corner into the wind with some door capability. Maybe only one corner high. Then pitch the cook tarp opposite the high side as a wind break. I'm thinking in really nasty weather not much will be out and about so we ill be closer to everything than normal.