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Me too, I loved that place. what are your plans so far, when and where?
I still really don't know what I'm doing, just that I'm going to try my darndest to get down to the hollow on Saturday night. If I can make it down early enough, I'll probably park where they blocked Combs Rd to motorized traffic south of the pines and hike in from there. If it's later, I may just park on Berry Ridge Rd. so I'll have a shorter hike in.

I'm not sure if I'll be staying out for Sunday night as well or not. If I do, there are a few other options that I wouldn't mind trying besides heading up and over Browning hill to visit that homestead.

I'm just going to have to play it by ear since I've got a few other things going on this weekend that are competing for my time. Anyone have an instant cloning device so I can make a few copies of myself?

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How far is the the homestead? I wonder if it's possible for me to get there Friday evening and be able to check out the area Saturday Morning. Sorry I won't be able to meet up with you again Sal. Friday night is really my only opportunity.
It depends on just how late of a start you get, I think. Mule and I started at the North Nebo trail head, and I think we were making pretty good time, but I really can't remember exactly how long it took us to get there. I know we paused for a good long while on top of the hill for a break and a bit of a snack, but I think we only hiked for about 2 hours or so. Looking at my map, it looks like maybe three miles give or take a bit. Good luck! Sorry we won't get to hang out. I do plan to continue with my goal of backpacking at least once a month all year long, so if you want to head out for a winter hang, let me know. And if nothing else, there's always the Hoosier Hang next April too.