Hey folks! Time for my trip report.

Did a quick overnighter with some old friends on Friday/Saturday. We just wanted to get out of the city and have some fun for a night (we all have to work on Sunday or we would have gone longer). Went down to Cade's Cove and hiked the Abram's Falls Trail down to Little Bottoms over to campsite 17. Roughly 5.5-6 miles, not very difficult at all. We were amazed at the destruction the thunderstorms/tornado had done, downed trees everywhere. You could see where the 'nader touched down and lifted up. While we were sad to see the destruction, we know the forests will recover (and it looked really cool). Stopped and played at the falls for about 2 hours on our way back, had lunch, played in the water, all in all very fun and relaxing to get away from it all.

Now to the juicy part...

I got to use all my new hammock gear! AHHHH! Been itching to get it all together at use it all. First off, my WBBB is the most comfortable thing I've ever slept in, perhaps more than my bed. I was determined to use my new Summer Phoenix, even though the overnight low was about 75. I left the channel open so it could vent, worked like a charm, especially at about 4am when I woke up and threw the fleece top blanket over to keep me warm. My backside was nice 'n toasty all night long! Big shout out to Dutch, the clips and CRL he hooked me up with worked amazing! I got my full hammock and tarp setup done before my "ground dweller" buddy got his tent setup! Also JennaBird's ridgeline pouch she made me was equally awesome. I'm calling it the "JennaBird's Nest" ... or maybe just "The Bird's Nest". Yeah I like the second one. Light as a feather and just the perfect size! Did I mention how much I love my Black Bird? I don't think I said that clearly enough.

So the new gear I got to break in-
WBBB 1.0 double layer
Summer Phoenix UQ
Dutch clips and CRL (including Hook and Flyz)
WB Edge Tarp (perfect size)
New alchy stove setup (that's another story... check the off topic sections)
A few CF bags from Zpacks (clothes dry bag, food bag, and a small ditty bag)

I bent one of my titanium Vargo ascent stakes, which makes me wonder if I was sold aluminum ones instead. I've never seen titanium bend like that, pretty sure I got jipped. Probably going to get some titanium needle stakes next time.

Used a bunch of little tricks I picked up here in my setup, like having my CRL for the tarp below the straps on the trees, it turned out to be the perfect height and something I NEVER would have thought of (Thanks, ya'll).

Offffffffffffffffcourse I brought Apple Pie, and it was DELICIOUS AS ALWAYS!

Happy Hangin'