Howdy all,

I've been really wanting to make a trip to the Linville Gorge this fall. All the videos I've seen from many of you here on the forums just has me itching to visit that beautiful wilderness. I've been trying to talk some of my backpacking buddies into it, but some of them aren't too keen on the driving distance, time commitment, and possibly even the terrain/hiking distance.

So, my question is, have any of you Alabama hangers been? If so, what driving route(s) did you take, and in general what kind of travel time should I expect? Also, what kind of weather is typical for that wilderness in the mid fall?

Better yet, any of you up for a several day hang somewhere in the Linville Gorge? Maybe we could time it when some of the other HF regulars are there.

I'd like to go ahead and start planning for this as best as I can. All of my backpacking/hanging experience has been in the great state of Alabama (with a small trip to TN by way of the Walls of Jericho); so this'll be a whole new adventure for me.