Anybody with a clima or prima quilt that has packed it small?

Working on a spreadsheet to compare synthetics with down for a different project. Need somebody with a, say 4' x 6' x 3" quilt, that has compressed it to fit in a stuff/compression sack that is, say 14" tall x 6" in diameter. whatever. Give me some numbers and I'll do the math and post a comparison.

For reference, my down quilt is: 48" x 70" x 3" = 10,080 cubic inches when all fluffed up. I can fit it into a stuff sack, with two 3/4" compression straps, and squeeze it down to basketball size (~10" sphere) ~ 524 cu in. This is a 95% reduction in volume. (eyeball estimate on basketball, will get real numbers before posting finals.)

Can anyone give me similar numbers for a synthetic quilt?