Unfortunately, it's with regret that I must part with my MacCat Deluxe with an excellent 2QZQ door mod. Sadly, times are hard and I need to raise a little cash to keep the wife at bay

Sadly, I have no pics of the tarp set up, because I've never used it! I purchased this from Optimator at the start of the summer, you can see the original sale thread from Optimator here:


Optimator noted the presence of a small spot on the tarp, which I found. It's nothing more than an inch of slightly darker color, and would be barely noticable once strung up (which I've never got round to doing )

All in all, it cost me;

$110 for the tarp,
$72 for the added doors,

I'm selling it for $170 including shipping to either Canada or Continental US. Paypal only please.

Because I'm in the UK, and the time difference may well cause problems with me accessing my messages, can you PM me as well as adding a note to the thread please.