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    If you're considering the DIY route, this is the stuff I used. It's just a reinforced Mylar. Ignore the posted weights; they lie! Actually, they just use a different measurement than we are accustomed to using. If I remember right, the fabric weight was roughly double the .75 listed for a square yard.

    No sewing required or recommended; just use the sail tape. I've had mine for a couple of years and am always amused by the amount of use it gets. Seems to be holding up quite nicely. It is VERY stiff and compresses not at all. You certainly can't see stars through it as it tends to be sort of 'milky', but you can see movement and light sources without problem.

    Here is my girl standing under mine:

    Trust nobody!

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    I like you cannibal, straight forward and extremely resourceful. I think I will go this route. No sewing is great news too. Thanks alot!

    Aaronalso thanks as well I will do some research on that material as well.
    So I got home and did some research on what arronalso suggested and found this:
    It is a readymade reinforced clear poly tarp for around $40 depending on the size. I think for longevity I am going with cannibal's idea, but if I get lazy and don't feel like a diy project (not likely) then I will buy a poly tarp.

    All I have right now is a blue rei tarp and desire for an upgrade in 6 months or so.

    I will probably purchase a wbbb around the same time. I'm dying for a wbbb but can't justify it with the wife just yet...
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