Took a really bad fall at one of those God forsaken Smokies shelters. The "rafter" I had my foot-end tied to was held with 2 nails. I was tired and didn't pay attention and almost cost me the hike and more.

At 12:31am it gave way and I crashed down about 4' and cracked my back on the edge of the lower sleeping platform. Took me 3.5 days to go about 20 miles with the help of some great hikers who helped carry my load. Hurts, but stupidity should never be rewarded. I've made it to Standing Bear Farm and will keep pressing on, just wanted to let everyone know that Nest (Cerberus) will be collecting at Hot Springs later this month.

By the way, with the help of another hiker I set the hammock back up (safely) and slept the rest of the night. NO GROUND...EVER!!!!!!!!!!