I just converted my claytor no net to whoopie slings. I had read in several other posts, that when whoopie slings are attached in the conventional method (larkspur thru the channel) it tends to make the end of the hammock tighter, causing shoulder pinch. Im a pretty broad shouldered guy, and really like that unique feature of the claytor---that center channel on the ends----so you can put youre feet in the middle if you want to. So, I took some of my old webbing, ran it thru the end channel, and sewed it together in about a foot and a half loop. I then attached the whoopie sling to the strap using a larkspur. This has allowed me to use whoopie slings, while maintaining a wider end of the hammock. Sorry no pictures yet! I also sewed a d ring onto the strap, as high up as I could get it---and used it for a structural ridge line, and attatch point for my bug net, and peapod straps. Has anyone ever tried this before? I did a test hang last night and it seemed to work really well!