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    compression sack pattern

    Anyone have a pattern/tut for making a compression sack?

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    Hmmmm I would say it is the same as a regular stuff sack with two straps added to cinch it down with. I have not made any "compression sacks" but have made a TON of stuff sacks.

    This should get you started on making a stuff sack:

    How to make a stuff sack?

    I hope this helps.

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    webbing and rings
    When I used stuffsacks, I used a "cinch strap" like this - - just a piece of webbing with a plastic buckle.

    Just wrap it around the stuffsack and cinch down. Works the same as a compression sack. You can even do 2 crossed like a gift box and cinch that way as well.

    Warbonnet Mamba (long) TQ Uncinched - next to a roll of TP for comparison

    1 cinch strap

    2 cinch strap

    If you want to, you can throw a couple of stitches through the stuffsack and webbing to secure the strap permanently to the sack.

    I have found, however, that just cramming the items into my pack actually makes more room as the items fill small spaces as compared to a large mass of stuff. So, I don't even use this method amymore. YMMV

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