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    Talking DYI WBBB Hammock Thoughts (Plans)

    Ok after building my DYI WBBB hammock using the combination of the "DIW "WarBird" WBB style hammock" plans from this forum and from the "Black Goat Gear Double Layer Hammock Pattern" I realized something and I wanted to share what I discovered with the rest of the forum. Anyway the hammock came out great when I was done with it and I couldn't be happier with it. But once the project was done I began to analyze the project and what went right and wrong with putting it together. This got me thinking about the project and ways to solve them to make things better for the next build I do. One of my biggest issues was with the foot box side and fitting the bug net to finish up the hammock.

    When I was looking at my finished hammock and the photos of the WWBB hammock on this site I realized that the foot box side didn't look totally the same and the lines were not totally smooth like you see in the photos. FYI you can see what my cut out patterns look like on the hammock I built by looking up this thread "Looking for some help on my DYI WBBB" which I posted not too long ago. So since I am a drafter/designer by profession I took on the challenge to fix the look and pattern for the foot box side of the hammock. Also in doing this I wanted to make a good cutout pattern for the bug net so you wouldn't need to do the set up the hammock and pin the bug net in place and then attach it to finish it up and pray that nothing slips on you before your done.

    So after analyzing the plans again and also looking my hammock the idea came to mind to use more of the "Cat" style cuts and arc the cuts to create the shelf and do the same from the tie outs to the end of the hammock. Unlike the straight block cuts I did on my build. Also this would make the foot box side symmetrical along the ridge line to the zipper side when it is pulled out with the tie outs. So with both sides of the hammock being symmetrical I was able to make the bug net pattern really easy.

    Making sure the math and the lengths of the mating edges came out in my layouts I finally had a good cut out pattern for the hammock. I did make sure to have 3" of extra length to the body of the hammock to allow for the rolled hem and gathered end channel. Also the pattern I came up with would always shorten the length of the cut out body by 2 feet. The proper ridge line length could be pretty much determined and set but that can be always be debated for each person.

    So to prove out my cut out plans, I decided to make a scaled down version of the WBBB hammock from some of the scraps that I had left over. So I had the scaled drawing printed out and I built the hammock for the most part just like I would of if it was full size. I did not alter any part of the pattern when cutting out I strictly only used the printed pattern pinned to my material. Attached with this thread is some photos of the scaled hammock with it set up and weighed down like a person would be in it. It turn out really nice and sure looks a lot more like the WBBB hammock and was far easier to put together than the first one built. Even the bug net fit perfectly on and I didn't have to set up the hammock and measure a thing just cut it out and sewed it on. Now all I have to do is get the material gathered together to build me a new full sized hammock.

    Finally to let everyone in on my good fortune... ha ha. I am adding the printed plans and I have made this thread as well. There are three versions of the hammock an 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft long so you can pick the size for you. The thought for this thread was not to give all the detailed instructions on making the hammock I think there is plenty of information and videos on doing that but more to give out a better set of plans that can be drawn out on the ripstop nylon and cut out. So here they are enjoy and I would love to hear feedback on any builds from these drawings.


    P.S. Don't mind the photo's they were taken with my cell so they are not the best quality.
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